Toy and gift safety guidelines

Toys are needed year-round at Kentucky Children’s Hospital for children from infancy through age 18. All gifts should conform to the safety and sanitary guidelines below. Also, because we need to check gifts for safety and age appropriateness, please do not wrap them. Gift wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and tags are welcomed donations. • New toys only. Books and magazines should be new or in excellent, gently used condition

• Avoid toys with many small parts that can be removed, swallowed or inhaled and toys that have sharp edges or protrusions that can be poked into eyes
• Only new stuffed toys with a separate manufacturer tag attached (in addition to the sewn-in tag), or those in unopened packaging can be accepted due to infection control issues
• Fire regulations forbid electrical, spark-producing or friction-producing toys
• Painted toys must be non-toxic. Any glue or paint in craft kits MUST also be non-toxic
• “Humorous” medical toys and games are inappropriate because they can contribute to fear about medical procedures
• Please bring only mylar balloons with strings no longer than 12 inches. No latex balloons or balloon animals are permitted in Kentucky Children’s due to latex sensitivities
• Toys representing violent themes cannot be accepted.

If you are interested in presenting a performance, activity or toys/presents to pediatric patients please visit the following site for more information.