Building for the Future

​Kentucky Children’s Hospital is embarking on an exciting adventure that will transform the current inpatient spaces into destinations that resemble home with various, uniquely Kentucky connections and away with plenty of far-off, exotic locales. Based on themes of water, sky, and land, various destinations will allow children to transport themselves to a place that will enable their imaginations to run wild, but at the same time, remain close to home as they receive care at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Home is a place of comfort, which offers connection to a community. It’s a stroll through a familiar park or a hike through native forests. It’s a sky filled with beautiful kites and vibrantly colored hot air balloons. It’s paddling down a local river or drifting on a boat in a nearby lake. Warmth is abundant, and familiarity brings peace of mind in sometimes restless situations.

Away is an intersection between fantasy and whimsy, where anything and everything are possible. It’s an underwater adventure, exploring ocean life. It’s a captivating flight to outer space. It’s an expedition to an exotic, tropical jungle. Excitement overcomes anxiety in a place where dreams awaits- around every corner.