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- In one year: 40,000 children receive critical services. With your help, we can do even more.

- We see children from 110 of 120 Kentucky counties, southern Ohio, souther Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia and East Tennessee.

- We have 82 Pediatric Specialists and more than 300 pediatric nurses along with respiratory therapists, social workers, dietitians, and pharmacists.

- Last year, we had 83,400 outpatient visits, 6,300 inpatient admissions and our caregivers spent 332 clinic days in our 16 community outpatient clinics.

- We are a 132 bed facility with 42 acute care beds, 66 NICU beds, 12 PICU beds, and 12 progressive care beds.

- Only Level I Trauma Center for Central and Eastern Kentucky.

- Only Level IV NICU for Central and Eastern Kentucky.

- Over 20,000 visits to the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Department last year.

- Kentucky Kids Crew (pediatric and neonatal transport nurses) did 657 ground and air transports last year.